Lubbock Heart & Surgical Hospital



Lubbock Heart & Surgical Hospital has been improving the healthcare experience in the South Plains since 2003. We invest in our people because they are our biggest asset. A happier, more experienced staff means your provider can focus more on you. We deliver a better patient experience by equipping our teams for success.


NorthStar Surgical Center offers a world class surgical experience in a convenient location. At NorthStar Surgical Center you will find some of the finest, most respected board-certified physicians and staff in the region. NorthStar Surgical Center has some of the most modern facilities in the region with no parking hassles, and you don't have to worry about a complicated maze of hospital buildings.

Cardiologists of Lubbock:
When it comes to heart health, highly-trained cardiologists are necessary not only for the diagnosis but also the cutting-edge knowledge and treatment of all heart-related issues. At Cardiologists of Lubbock, our team consists only of heart specialists. From screening to diagnostics; and from heart-health education to maintenance and cardiac-Cath procedures – Cardiologists of Lubbock is the experienced team you deserve.

Texas Physicians Group:
For that initial consultation – Texas Physicians Group has the experience you’re looking for. Made up of internal medicine and family practice physicians; we’re focused on listening to your needs and working to coordinate the solutions unique to your situation. At Texas Physicians Group, our goal is diagnosing and maintaining your health. And, if necessary, transitioning you to the right specialist to ensure the best possible healing experience.