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The Great Resignation and rise of Human Resources

In 2021, thousands of people around the world have started leaving their organizations which were termed as The Great Resignation, The Great Reshuffle and The Big Quit. Since then, the ongoing talent wars have continuously pushed the limits of recruitment as the coming and going of employees continues to be a trend to this very day.

Same thing can be said in the healthcare industry. Looking at the past two years, the Healthcare Industry is probably the most exhausted industry worldwide. A lot of their employees have prioritized their own well  being to the point of them leaving the industry, and turn to looking for other job opportunities that may still be in a patient care related field or entirely different field. Based on the previous surveys conducted

  • 32% of the healthcare professionals have considered leaving their organization
  • 35% of the healthcare professionals considered leaving and look for non-medical field type of work
  • 20% are exiting due to retirement or focusing more on family


And through these resignations, one of the top reasons is the lack of staffing. This will be a domino effect for the entire workforce, as it starts with exhaustion, employees leave one by one, the remaining ones feel the lack of staffing and support, then the exhaustion will continue to cycle. This situation has now brought a different  focus for the organizations not only in the medical field but across all industries. The need to strengthen the HR and Recruitment policies and strategies ﹣ ultimately focus on the operations of the organization.

In 2018, the healthcare leaders main challenges are in the financial aspect of the business followed by government mandates and patient safety protocols. Three years later, it shifted to their workforce challenges with a wide gap. These challenges not only with staffing but battling low morale, lack of engagement and dissatisfaction with organizational cultures. We have to keep in mind that the work that our healthcare staff do is focused on taking care of people as well, so it is very important that organizations take these challenges seriously as they do not want these challenges to affect the quality of care and services they do.

As organizations move forward to adding new people, it is highly encouraged that they focus on getting seasoned specialized HR personnel to ensure that organizations carefully screen new members and identify talents that can add value to the team. Aside from finding talent, it is also important for HR to strategize on the training and development of these personnel as we want to give them all the support that they can be the best with their job. Lasty, analyze the working condition, composition and distribution of personnel  to help build relationships and establish trust among staff and make them feel that they are in a good and safe work environment.