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Quiet Hiring: A new way to fill the gaps

Quiet Hiring: A new way to fill the gaps

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During the pandemic, there have been a lot of buzzwords to call some events or processes such as "The Great Resignation." Now this old school strategy for hiring has also been given a new nickname recently,  it is now called "Quiet Hiring." Quiet hiring is when companies fill in some positions by hiring existing employees who already have knowledge about the company’s vision, operations, processes and even the roles and responsibilities. 

Due to the massive changes in the workforce the past years, some positions have been vacated and left open even in leadership roles. And in order to fill these positions with people who can contribute fast to the organization, companies have looked internally to see candidates who can now move to these roles. In some cases, when companies realized its advantages, several measures have been put in place in order to sustain this process such as cross-training and inter-department immersions, mentoring programs, training to further improve the skills or add new skills to the workforce, and other internal development procedures. 

So are there any disadvantages about Quiet Hiring? Will this continue to be a short-term strategy or will this persist even more in the future? Read more about Quiet Hiring in