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How to handle being laid off from your organization

How to handle being laid off from your organization

When the pandemic crises arrived, many workers were being laid off from work because a lot of companies closed. Today, even though the pandemic is over and a lot of companies resumed their operations, there are still a lot of people being laid off because of the inflation in our economy today. This rise in unemployment takes a big toll to those people that are being affected by it. Being laid off takes a toll on our mental, physical, emotional and social health.

Most people who are laid off tend to have mental breakdowns. That is why we need to handle every situation in a proper way.

Below are some ways to handle the being laid off from work

1.       Take Your Time. Be patient with yourself and give time to grieve and adjust to the change.

2.       Write your feelings down. it may be difficult to open up to other people about how you are feeling and emotions may be bottled-up. Writing your feelings down may help clear your head and relieve you from the stress you are feeling.

3.       Stick to reality. Always remind yourself about the truth in your life. Never live in the dreams you want.

4.       Practice gratitude. Always focus on maintaining gratitude towards others.

5.       Maintain your relationships. It is always better to maintain our relationships especially to our loved ones so that they can help us cope up with the grief we are feeling from being laid-off.

6.       Participate in your community. Do not isolate yourself from others. Keep yourself busy in order to not feel purposeless. Join events or group meets in your community.

7.       Take care of your health. Stress always takes a big effect especially when we are laid off. Eat healthy, exercise and have a good sleep to maintain your health.

8.       Look for a new job. Don’t lose hope after being laid off. Always remember that sometimes a door closes for a new door to open.

9.       Have practical logistics. Don’t sign any agreement hastily. Being laid off makes our mental senses cloudy. Always evaluate everything before signing for a new job.

10.   Maintain a good attitude. Having a good attitude always helps in life. Especially in finding a new job.




Always put in mind that being laid off isn’t the end. Many opportunities are available if we just put our time and effort into finding them and not dwell in the past. We need to move forward in order for our lives to continue.