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Healthcare Side Hustle

Healthcare Side Hustle

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We are all motivated by nature. And with this character embedded in our systems, most of us may be prompted into having more jobs than the usual person to cope up with our bills. These side jobs are called “Side Hustle”. Most of our healthcare professionals tend to have one or more of them.

Though side hustles add to a person’s busyness, they can also make life more fulfilling for them, help them more financially and help them stay on top of their careers.


Below are some examples of side hustles that are available for our healthcare professionals.

  1. Immunization Nurse - these nurses work to administer vaccination shots to citizens in an effort to prevent the spread of diseases. This is one way to serve our local communities and make extra income.
  2. Consider Per Diem shifts - working per diem is like freelancing or gig work for nurses. There are some hospitals that are short-staffed and they need to hire an extra pair of hands to help them. They don’t have time to go through the whole hiring process, so they allow Registered Nurses to work for them from time to time. This kind of nursing work helps you manage your own time and you can decide how many jobs you can get as long as it fits your desired schedule.
  3. Become a CPR and First Aid Instructor - CPR and First Aid is a must for everyone, not just for the medical field personnel. Places like schools, work places, and other companies usually hire certified instructors to demonstrate to their students or employees the proper way of doing CPR and First Aid.
  4. Medical Transcriptionist - this job requires the employee to sit in on a medical conference or listen to other meetings and type everything they hear. Some companies use AI to do this for them, but they still need someone to proofread and edit the transcription to ensure everything is correct.
  5. Telehealth Nurse - for minor health issues such as colds,  body aches, or other ailments that don't require medical interventions, telehealth nursing is a convenient way to prevent unnecessary hospital visits. You can help patients avoid long lines in the hospital by calling them through their phones or having a video call conference with them in the convenience of their home.
  6. Travel nurse - this type of nursing work is good for people who like to travel. Travel nurses are registered nurses that signed with an agency that helps hospitals who are short handed with nurses. This allows the travel nurse to travel to places with food and accommodation usually is compensated by the company.
  7. Caregiver - this type of work provides care to an individual who is homebound due to their health. Caregiving is different from nursing in many ways. For one, you usually focus all your attention on one patient that allows you to provide more quality care. The usual patients for this job are the elderly.
  8. Phlebotomist - these are medical professionals that handle bodily fluids for testing purposes. Usually, blood or urine. This side hustle is good for nurses who like to expand their knowledge in the medical field.
  9. Nurse Educator - this job usually applies to senior nurses or those nurses that have long experience in the field. They take nursing students or undergraduates and provide them mentorship.
  10. Health Consultant - this job requires nurses to take on more of the administrative part of healthcare. Their role in the medical field is to help facilities provide care to their patients in the most efficient and cost-effective way.


In conclusion, there are more side hustle jobs available for our healthcare professionals. These examples are just at the tip of the list. It always depends on you what kind of side hustle fits you and your lifestyle. We hope you found some knowledge in what kind of side hustle is fit for you in this article.