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Healthcare Job Market

Healthcare Job Market

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In 2023, there are still remaining trends that came off from the whirlwind of changes in the landscape of the workforce in the past years. Experts have gathered what remains to be still the demand of the majority of workers and that have employers may need to continue to be cognizant of them:

  1. Schedule flexibility – a high number of nurses who have been in contracts would opt to be in a permanent position. However, these nurses also have emphasized in the survey that they intend to be also in more flexible shifts in order to ensure work-life balance.

  1. Salary transparency - job seekers nowadays also prefer to know the rates they will be getting for certain positions before even sending their application. It is very far from the traditional practice where job seekers will know the exact rate upon receiving the job offers. Salary is one of the important information job seekers take note of as they weigh which company or roles they will take. This also brings a very stiff competition among organizations as transparency may also mean the competitor can take advantage of this information.

  1. Career growth - in the past people are more inclined to slow and steady pace in their career as long as there is job security. These days, there is also a necessity to understand the career path of the role they are applying for. One thing that good came out of the pandemic is people seem to have taken some time to reflect on their work, learn more new things or learn something to advance their current career. This also propels for most workers to start plotting how they want their work to progress moving forward,

  2. Better onboarding experience and retention intiatives - not only does the organization compete for talent but they also compete for employee experience programs. So organizations are really taking some effort to learn the behavior of the workforce, what perks and programs that can engage and retain them.


As we traverse the job market this year, there will be for sure some changes in the trends, some may be checked off from the list, some may even solidify to be a continued demand or new things may sprung based on how things will flow this year. We will definitely be looking out for these.