Apr 27, 2022

RN Team Leader - Emergency Dept - Lanham - LH Weekend Program

  • Luminis Health Doctors Community Medical Center
  • Lanham, MD 20706, USA
General Nursing Emergency Services

Job Description

The Luminis Health Weekend Plan allows nurses to work 2-12 hour shifts each weekend and you will be paid for 36 hours and receive full time benefits! Required to work 96 of 104 weekend shifts per year.

Position Purpose

The Team Leader is a Registered professional Nurse who assists the Nurse Manager in the provision of Nursing Services on the Unit. He/she is accountable for the functioning of the unit on a shift-by-shift basis.

Role Specific Competencies

1. Assists in the organization of personnel, activities and facilities of the Unit necessary for the provision of nursing services. (RN Team Leader)

  • Provides ongoing feedback to Nurse Manager regarding staff performance.
  • Modifies assignments based on individual’s learning needs and feedback that promotes quality services and professional growth of employee supervised.
  • Delegates responsibilities effectively and appropriately.
  • Utilizes nursing personnel according to individual abilities and needs.
  • Coordinates/facilitates patient assignments on a shift basis.
  • Consistently supports staff in the provision of nursing care.
  • Provides direction and guidance as necessary.
  • Supervises/assists staff with nursing activities appropriately.
  • Demonstrates receptiveness to ideas and suggestions of employees.
  • Consistently acts as a role model in demonstrating effective communicating skills.
  • Serves as a resource person to staff intervening when necessary in difficult patient care situations.
  • Assists with Employee Health duties to provide continuity of care for employees – ER only.
  • Interprets nursing practices to patient, family, physician and community.
  • Assists with the determination of equipment needed for unit functioning.

2. Maintains a work environment which facilitates efficient, cost effective unit functioning.

  • Interacts with staff in appropriate manner leading to maximum team productivity.
  • Participates in unit orientation programs for all employees as demonstrated by individual employee orientation plans and completion of program.
  • Monitors staff education needs.
  • Coordinates clinical practice and resources at the unit level.
  • Offers suggestions to the Director/Nurse Manager that lead to revision of current policies and procedures.
  • Provides Director/Nurse Manager with current status of equipment needs/functioning/maintenance.
  • Conducts ongoing inventory of supplies and assures par level are appropriate for providing quality patient care.

3. Maintains adherence to quality of care standards for patient care.

  • Monitors implementation of standards for clinical area which are consistent with Department, Hospital and regulatory agency standards. As assigned, collects unit-based PI data.
  • As appropriate, initiates Incident Trending Reports within a timely manner.
  • Interacts daily with patients to ascertain satisfaction with care.
  • Makes appropriate recommendations to Director/Nurse Manager that will lead to improved patient care.
  • Provides guidance to staff members in clinical situations that require complex interventions, selection, alternatives or innovative solutions.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Current AC LS is required, if applicable to specialty.
  • Current C PR/BLS is required.
  • Current ENPC /PALS is required, if applicable to specialty.
  • Graduate from an accredited School of Nursing.
  • Minimum of two (2) years previous experience in the clinical area.
  • Current RN State of Maryland or Compact.licensure
  • BSN preferred.

Physical Requirements

  • Concentrates on moderate to fine detail for extended periods of time.
  • Must be able to hear normal sounds with some background noise.
  • Routinely lifts objects under 50 pounds.

Understands and can operate from the conceptual basis of tasks and acti