Dec 23, 2021

RN, Mother Baby

  • Northside Hospital
  • Atlanta, GA, USA
General Nursing

Job Description

  • Assesses and provides care to low- to moderate- risk newborns and postpartum women of childbearing age.
  • Demonstrates knowledge and skill in basic breastfeeding techniques.
  • Demonstrates competency in clinical practice; self-directed in goal-setting in management of complex patients and families; utilizes the nursing process and is skilled at adapting care to rapidly changing patient conditions.
  • Provides safe, competent patient care; is knowledgeable of current patient care guidelines; communicates with peers, colleagues, providers and others.
  • Independently implements the nursing process for patients and families; integrates unit- and service-wide evidence-based practice resources into clinical practice.
  • Self-sufficient, competent and safe in the operation of unit-based patient care technology; efficiently operates the organization’s computerized information systems; continuously develops personal practice competencies, skills and knowledge.
  • Delegates care where appropriate.
  • Serves as a preceptor for new employees and students.
  • Creates personal goals for lifelong learning and professional growth.
  • Conducts self-assessment of performance and identifies own learning needs
  • Identifies ethical issues in practice and takes appropriate action.
  • Refers to, consults with, and makes provision for continuity of care with other health care providers.
  • Uses evidence-based guidelines and policies to guide professional practice.
  • Participates in established quality improvement studies and/or activities for patient safety and quality measures; assists in continual readiness activities.