Jan 12, 2022

Registered Nurse, Wound Care Specialist

  • Memorial Health
  • Springfield, IL, USA
General Nursing

Job Description

Responsible for delegation, supervision, and provision of the nursing care of a designated group of patients through utilization of the nursing process. Provides age-appropriate care. Participates in research when appropriate and incorporates research finding into evidence-based clinical practice. Contributes to quality improvement processes. Adheres to the MH Mission, Vision, and Values, federal and state laws, Joint Commission standards and professional and ethical practice.



  • BSN preferred


  • Licensed as an RN in State of Illinois required.
  • Current CPR certification required.
  • Wound Care Certification preferred


  • Previous medical/surgical, home health or wound care experience preferred

Other Knowledge/Skills/Abilities:

  • Must be able to position and /or transfer an average adult and possess gross coordination sufficient to perform other patient care duties as required. Must be able to withstand prolonged periods of standing. Must be able to perform difficult manipulative skills.
  • Completion of 5 day offsite Advanced Wound Care/Hyperbaric Oxygen training course out of town is required upon hire.


Patient Care

  1. Provides direct patient care that includes working with adult and pediatric, as needed, patients of all ages suffering from various chronic wound conditions, in person and over the phone, completing tasks involving the use of assessment, planning, intervention and evaluation skills, and administration of prescribed medications and treatments. Which may include the following but not an inclusive list.
    1. Obtain patient vital signs.
    2. Perform blood glucose monitoring as ordered and indicated by patient diagnosis.
    3. Complete pain assessment.
    4. Remove dressing and cleanse wound.
    5. Assess and measure wounds.
    6. Photograph wounds.
    7. Assess lower extremity if wound is located on lower extremity.
    8. Complete learning needs assessment.
    9. Obtain/review patient history.
    10. Obtain/review patient medications
    11. Apply topical anesthetics when necessary
    12. Assist physician with wound therapy including but not limited to debridement, casting/splinting, cast removal, skin substitute/graft applications, biopsy and suture closure and removal of sutures and staples
    13. Explain treatment process to patient and family.
    14. Perform all necessary patient and family education.
    15. Apply wound dressings as ordered including but not limited to compressions wraps, negative pressure wound therapy(vac), and gauze/kerlix wraps
    16. Complete all orders on the physician order sheet.
    17. Assist with patient transfer on/off assessment stretcher.
    18. Follow infection control policies/procedures during patient visit
    19. Provide hygiene and incontinence care to patients as needed
    20. Clean exam room following infection control policies/procedures
    21. Ensure patient has needed prescriptions, copy of orders; follow up appointment and appointment for tests as indicated.
    22. Perform hyperbaric treatments and monitor patient during therapy.

Professional Nursing Care

  1. Age appropriate assessment.
  2. Function as a case manager for a defined patient population.
  3. Data analysis to identify nursing problems.
  4. Assess, stage/grade, and determine wound etiology in collaboration with physician.
  5. Define individualized outcomes that are specific and measurable within a certain time frame and consistent with other health provider’s expectations.
  6. Develop an interdisciplinary, individualized plan of care in partnership patient, family, and physician.
  7. Implements specified interventions to attain expected outcomes.
  8. Evaluates the patient’s progress toward attainment of outcomes.
  9. In collaboration with the physician and other health care members, revise the plan of care and continuously reassess and evaluate until expected outcome is obtained.
  10. Complete 4 week review in a timely manner and ensure all recommendations to the plan are activated in the physician orders.
  11. Assess compliance to the clinical pathway and be instrumental in bringing to the attention of the physician or health care team missing components.
  12. Coordinate activities with other disciplines (rehab, nutrition, diabetic education, home health, DME, nursing homes and other ancillary services).
  13. Update primary/referring MD on patient progress.
  14. Complete referrals and send patient information to other physicians.
  15. Assist in clinic on days when not primary case manager for physician.
  16. Learn and stay up to date on chronic wound healing protocols including HBOT, skin substitutes, wound dressings, compression wrap techniques, and off loading devices.

Supervision and Delegation

  1. Delegates patient care tasks to LPNs and unlicensed assistive personnel based on job description, individual capability, patient needs and staff availability.
  2. Appropriately supervises performance of LPNs and unlicensed assistive personnel.

Communication and Delegation

  1. Demonstrates effective interpersonal skills.
  2. Uses therapeutic communication techniques.
  3. Demonstrates assertiveness.
  4. Communicates relevant patient information to other members of the health team.
  5. Documents patient care according to Memorial/contracted wound company policies and procedures.
  6. Ensures appropriate implementation of physician’s orders.
  7. Accesses electronic data to facilitate patient care.
  8. Create and maintain a collaborative work environment.
  9. Participates in interdisciplinary planning and decision making.
  10. Precepts new nursing employees and/or nursing students.

Quality and Safety

  1. Identifies and resolves safety risks.
  2. Participates in continuous quality improvement.
  3. Participates in periodic review and revision of policies, procedures, and standards of care.
  4. Complies with all safety policies.

Professional Accountability

  1. Demonstrates ethical decision making.
  2. Advocates for patients and families.
  3. Appropriately follows the chain of command.
  4. Adheres to the Memorial Health Behavioral Standards.
  5. Develops annual plan for own professional development.
  6. Participates in community health initiatives.
  7. Participates in community organizations.
  8. Contributes to nursing research activities and applies finding in clinical practice.
  9. Support and adhere to all Memorial and contracted wound company policy and procedures.


  1. Coordinate the use of clinic staff, exam rooms, and supplies.
  2. Prepare for clinic to enable accurate and complete updates to the physician.
  3. Triage telephone calls and schedule patients

Performs other related work as required or requested.