Jan 14, 2022


  • UW Medicine
  • Seattle, WA, USA
General Nursing

Job Description

Salary: $5,606.00 - $10,284.00 per month DOE & FTE, plus shift diffs

Join Harborview Medical Center's team of outstanding nurses! (Registered Nurse 2; RN2).  Harborview Medical Center is a level one adult and pediatric trauma center as well as regional burn center for a four state region; a teaching and research hospital for the University of Washington; and a public/safety-net hospital for our diverse community. Learn more about Harborview and our specialties on our website.
Current staff nurse (RN2) positions may include full time, part time, and per diem opportunities on various shifts in the following areas:

Critical care, ICU (intensive care units) opportunities.

*Neurosciences ICU (30 bed unit) - 90% FTE nights position currently open.

*Burns ICU and Pediatric ICU (18 bed unit, includes both adults and peds) - no current openings, but more could arise at any time.

*Trauma Surgery ICU (24 bed unit) - 90% FTE nights position currently open.

*Medical Cardiac ICU (17 beds unit) - 90% FTE nights positions currently open.

*Critical Care Float Pool - 90% FTE nights positions currently open.
(floats among all ICUs as well as to ED and to PACU; may also include floating to acute care boarder areas).

Harborview ICUs are recipients of the prestigious Beacon Award for Critical Care Excellence.

**Acute Care, Med-Surg, Tele, Neuro, Ortho, Trauma**
    *3EH - Med/Tele - per diem variable shift position open (per diem- minimum five 12 hour shifts per month with at least two weekend shifts).

• 3EH, 3 East Hospital- Medicine/Telemetry - is a 32 bed acute care unit that works with a multidisciplinary care team to care for patients with a wide range of complex medical/surgical problems that often encompasses chronic underlying conditions, cardiac issues, substance abuse, and socioeconomic difficulties.

    *4EH - Med/Tele/Oncology - currently no positions are in recruitment (please check back, recruitment could resume at any time).

• 4EH, 4 East Hospital- Medicine/Telemetry/Oncology -Provides safe, quality care for acutely ill adult patients experiencing a wide range of complex medical and surgical problems, including the COVID19 patient population.

    *4WH - Trauma Rehabilitation - 90% evening shift open (8hr shifts, 4 weekend shifts per 4-week schedule (ie. every other weekend (Sat & Sun); and per diem position open.

• 4WH --4W Inpatient Trauma Rehabilitation provides care 24 hours a day to our rehabilitation inpatients with therapy provided 3-6 hours per day, 6 days per week. Inpatient rehabilitation is provided for stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, and disease, multiple trauma, and burns. In addition to our rehabilitation patients, we have 4 medical-surgical beds for acute care patients who are potential rehabilitation candidates but not yet ready for rehabilitation and for the post-operative stay of our sacral flap patients.

    *5EH - Med/Surg/Tele - 90% FTE night shift position open; and per diem position open.

• 5EH, 5 East Hospital- Medicine/Surgical/Telemetry- Provide quality care to a wide range of complex and acutely ill patients, primarily medicine, cardiology and surgical and vascular patients requiring telemetry monitoring.

    *6EH - Ortho Trauma - 90% FTE night shift position open, per diem position available (per diem - minimum availability 6 -8 shifts per month, day/evening shift, at least two weekend shifts per month).

• 6EH, 6 East Hospital Trauma/Orthopedic-  is a 26-bed unit specializing in acute care level orthopedic injuries as well as medicine and other general surgery patients. Patients have typically sustained complex orthopedic injuries including fractures of the spine, pelvis, long bones, hands or feet.
6 East Hospital also specializes in the care of patients who have undergone replantation surgeries and flap procedures.
    *6MB - Planned Surgery (also includes med/surg/ortho/neuro/trauma; 90% night position & 90% day position open; and per diem position open.

• 6MB, 6 Maleng Bldg.- Planned Surgery- is a 30 bed unit includes med/surg/ortho/neuro/trauma- Common surgeries include complex foot and ankle surgeries including total ankle, complex spine surgery, neurosurgery. Caring for patients from all of the surgical specialties (except burns). Exposure to a broad range of  patient cases.

    *7EH - Trauma/General Surgery - 100% FTE night shift position open; and per diem position open.

• 7EH, 7 East Hospital –Trauma/Surgery - staff members work as an interdisciplinary team to provide safe, quality care for adult, geriatric and adolescent trauma, general surgery, and vascular surgery patients. These patients have unique challenges often encompassing complex wound care, substance abuse and chronic underlying conditions. The unit staff consists of RNs with assistive nursing support staff.

    *8EH - Burns/Plastics/Peds - currently no positions are in recruitment (please check back, recruitment could resume at any time).

• 8EH, 8 East Hospital- Acute Care Burns/ Plastics and Pediatric Trauma-  is a 24-bed unit that is a part of the Regional Burn Center and Level 1 Adult and Pediatric Trauma center for the WAMI Region. Our staff are specialized in caring for adult and pediatric patients with burns, complex wound care and pediatric trauma. We work closely with multidisciplinary teams and utilize their expertise in order to provide holistic and patient family-centered care to ensure the best possible outcome for our patients.

    *Acute Care Float Pool - 90% night position open; and per diem variable shift position open.

    *3WH - Neuro/Tele- 90% night position open; and per diem variable position open (per diem position with a minimum availability of 6 -8 shifts per month).

       ***The award winning 45 bed acute care 3WH Neuroscience (Neuro/Tele)
        floor specializes in the management of acute trauma and acute 
        vascular disease, patients with aneurysms, as well as other
        neurosurgical problems such as brain tumors and spinal disorders.
        We also provide expert management of stroke and epilepsy patients.

        Harborview's Neurosciences acute care (neuro/tele) unit is a
        Comprehensive Stroke Center and proud to be the recipient of the Top 
        Box and Patient Satisfaction Award for five quarters. We can thank the
        wonderful Achievements and Great work to the amazing leaders and staff
        members who make up the 3 West family!

**Continuity of Care Program (CCN)**
100% FTE (40 hours per week), Day shift (Monday thru Friday)

Continuity of Care Nurse (CCN) coordinates all aspects of care leading to a timely transition to the next level of care for patients on acute care units. The CCN serves as a liaison between patients, families, medical teams, nursing staff, social services, interdisciplinary team members, consulting and referring physicians and agencies involved in the care of patients from admission through the discharge process.
Minimum Requirement:
1. Current license to practice as a Registered Nurse in the State of Washington.
2. Minimum of two years professional nursing experience in Trauma/General Surgery, Critical and/or Acute Care, Emergency Care, or equivalent education and experience.
3. Able to carry equipment (15-20lbs) from supply to the patient room
Desired Qualifications:
4. Effective interpersonal skills, leadership skills, and clinical expertise in the care of acute care patients.
5. Graduate of an accredited school of nursing, BSN required.
6. Some Case Management or discharge planning experience  and understanding of care coordination  and Transition of care
7. Have computer skill to facilitate and document timely interdisciplinary huddle report.
8. Very well developed Communication skill  is critical for the workflow

**Clinical Procedures Areas (Endoscopy and APA)**

*100% FTE Days position open with Endoscopy.

**PACU/Ambulatory Surgery; and Pre-Anesthesia**

Current Openings:
*90% FTE Days currently open, PACU/ASU.
*80% FTE Days currently open, PACU/ASU.
*60% FTE, Evenings currently open, PACU/ASU.
Per diem, variable shifts, currently open, PACU/ASU.
Min. two years current/recent ICU experience required.  And, PACU experience is desirable.


Operating Room (OR) opportunities.

**Main OR**
100% FTE rotating/variable shifts staff RN positions currently open.
(90% FTE also potentially available).
Per diem, evening shifts RN positions currently open.

Please note that main OR positions include an expectation of taking up to 8 standby shifts per year.

**Emergency Services (ED/ER)**

*90% - 100% FTE nights/variable positions currently open.

**Inpatient Psychiatry**

*5MB - Psych ICU:    90%, night shift position; and per diem position available (Minimum 4 shifts per month (shifts may be 4, 8 or 12 hour shifts).

*5WA - Acute Psych:  95%, day shift, position; and per diem position available.

*5WB - Acute Psych: 90% night shift, 90% day shift; and  per diem position open (Minimum 4 shifts per month (shifts may be 4, 8 or 12 hour shifts).

*Psych Emergency Services (PES): 60%, night shift, 90%, Night position; and per diem position available(Minimum 4 shifts per month (shifts may be 4, 8 or 12 hour shifts).

(Please note:  This is the appropriate requisition to apply to if you are an experienced nurse seeking employment in any nursing area (for staff nurse - RN2 positions) at Harborview Medical Center.

If you are interested in applying for management (i.e. Nurse Manager or RN3/ Assistant Nurse Manager); or Educator/CNS or ARNP/PA-C (Health Care Specialist), or CRNA, please apply separately to the specific job postings listed for these positions.)


Applicants considered for this position will be required to disclose if they are the subject of any substantiated findings or current investigations related to sexual misconduct at their current employment and past employment. Disclosure is required under Washington state law.