Jun 11, 2021

Registered Nurse, Post Anesthesia Care Unit, 10:00a to 10:30p, call required

  • Emory Healthcare
  • Atlanta, GA, USA

Job Description

Unit Charge Nurse, Complex Medicine, 7a 7:30p

Emory Univ Hospital
Campus Location
Atlanta, GA, 30322
Campus Location
EUH General Medicine - G5
Job Type
Regular Full-Time
Job Number
Job Category
Standard Hours
36 Hours


5G is a 16 bed Medical unit with an emphasis on care for patients with complex medical comorbidities. We have 2 dedicated physicians onsite with a dedicated Unit Educator. We follow a Care Zone Model for patient assignment.

• Interdisciplinary Discharge Huddle
• Daily Patient rounds with MD and RN at bedside
• Care of patients with acute and chronic illness
• The nurse to patient ratio is 1:4

We’re looking for passionate nurses with medical and surgical skills and experience who are ready to join a team that’s redefining quality nursing care. As integral members of high-functioning, inter-professional teams, Emory Healthcare’s med/surg nurses are on the frontline of care in our hospitals and operate with a full complement of specialties and the ability to care for medically complex patients.



  • Plans, coordinates and directs the daily operations of a specific shift on a clinical unit.
  • Supervises staff and facilitates communication with physicians and internal administrators to provide optimal patient and family-centered care.
  • Is recognized as a change agent and routinely leads efforts to strengthen organizational systems that support the mission, vision, and values of the department.
  • Adept at creative problem-solving, negotiating conflict, and collaborating with others.
  • Demonstrates insight, judgment, and clinically sound risk-taking.
  • Role models expert communication skills to colleagues through example.
  • Demonstrates foresight regarding the impact of nursing care on patient outcomes based on intuition and experience.
  • Is recognized as an expert clinician and a leader within their area of specialty.
  • Completes employee conference, risk management and unit management reports within specified time frames.
  • Identifies the need for revision and evaluates the effectiveness of operational forms.
  • Provides and coordinates the resources needed within the unit to provide optimal patient outcomes.
  • Role models time management skills through example.
  • Ensures compliance and adherence with stated policies and procedures for the unit.
  • Remains informed of innovative clinical trends through bench marking and evidence based practice.
  • Functions as charge nurse.
  • Role models delegation skills to colleagues and assist them in effective delegation utilizing the Synergy model for care.
  • Considered an expert and is viewed as a formal leader.
  • Mentors other Registered Nurses to the role and functions of Charge Nurse.
  • Evaluates the use of resources and cost containment activities.
  • Leads and coordinates team behavior between staff members and actively fosters the development of leadership skills in others.
  • Exhibits desire to hear and understand another's point of view.
  • Demonstrates and role models effective communication skills.
  • Takes a leadership role in building and maintaining an environment which fosters open and candid communication.
  • Serves as an arbitrator in resolution of conflicts between nursing staff.
  • Takes appropriate action to correct unacceptable communication/behavior as needed.
  • Takes appropriate action to counsel employees (i.e., verbal warnings for attendance & performance issues) Coordinates unit staffing to meet the needs of the department.
  • Identifies one managerial problem and initiates test of change.
  • Actively participates in preparation of regulatory agency reviews.
  • Assists in administrative activities such as budget planning, identifying means of cost containment, coordinating unit staffing schedules, and ensuring communication regarding areas of concern to the Unit Director.
  • Provides direction and guidance to less experienced staff concerning policies, scheduling, assignments, organizational skills and daily operations.
  • Evaluates the impact of policies on daily operations.
  • Supports administrative decisions and facilitates daily operational issues with the staff.
  • Challenges and shapes systems on the unit and hospital wide to achieve best possible outcomes.
  • Aware of and supports units and colleagues needs through supportive and non-judgmental behaviors.
  • Actively empowers and advocates for nurses. Implements innovative approaches to meet the needs of patients and families.
  • Identifies, recognizes and responds to the needs of unit staff to ensure that staff has the resources and tools available to meet patient and family needs.
  • Takes appropriate action to address customer concerns and complaints (i.e., appropriate follow-up with Unit Director and risk management).
  • Addresses escalated patient issues and refers issues to Unit Director or Patient Advocate when unable to resolve.
  • Monitors issues and their resolution.
  • Identifies, initiates, and collaborates to provide needed educational programs.
  • Develops management/ leadership focused in-service (e.g., time management, team building, conflict resolution, budget, leadership activities).
  • Demonstrates current evidence-based practice and disseminates information.
  • Ensures compliance with educational requirements through scheduling, planning, and support.
  • Questions management practice as it relates to research.
  • Completes performance reviews with Unit Director input as appropriate.
  • Incorporates Synergy model for care in nurse/patient assignments.
  • Must meet all Clinical Nurse I Employee Commitments.
  • Achieves points and contact hours as defined in the PLAN (clinical lattice) point system to maintain position.

  • Bachelor's degree.
  • Three years experience as an RN with a minimum of three years of experience in the area of concentration.
  • Must have a valid, active unencumbered Nursing license or temporary permit approved by the Georgia Licensing Board.
  • Certification preferred. Management experience preferred.
  • BLS certification required and ACLS may be required in designated departments.

    PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: (Medium-Heavy) 36-75 lbs, 0-33% of the work day (occasionally); 20-35 lbs, 34-66% of the workday; (frequently); 10-20 lbs, 67-100% of the workday (constantly); Lifting 75 lbs max; Carrying of objects up to 35 lbs; Occasional to frequent standing & walking; Occasional sitting; Close eye work (computers, typing, reading, writing); Physical demands may vary depending on assigned work area and work tasks.

    ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS: Factors affecting environment conditions may vary depending on the assigned work area and tasks. Environmental exposures include, but are not limited to: Blood-borne pathogen exposure; Bio-hazardous waste Chemicals/gases/fumes/vapors; Communicable diseases; Electrical shock; Floor Surfaces; Hot/Cold Temperatures; Indoor/Outdoor conditions; Latex; Lighting; Patient care/handling injuries; Radiation; Shift work; Travel may be required; Use of personal protective equipment, including respirators; environmental conditions may vary depending on assigned work area and work tasks.