Jul 30, 2021


  • Methodist Health System
  • Dallas, TX, USA

Job Description

Your Job:

Job Purpose: Responsible for operating and supervising WCS Maternal and Neonatal Outreach Services. Also responsible for the integration and coordination of services with medical staff, hospital services and related external agencies. Achieves and maintains defined financial and performance improvement goals. Implements and abides by customer service standards and supports and implements patient safety and other safety practices. Maintains professional competency by attending educational programs, participating in professional organizations, subscribing to professional journals and other appropriate activities. Promotes development of and participation in research.

Your Job Requirements:

  • Graduate from an accredited school of nursing, BS or MS degree in Public Health preferred
  • Specialty Certification preferred
  • 2- 3 years of experience L&D or NICU, preferred

Your Job Responsibilities :

  • Financial :Increase market share of both maternal and neonatal transports; Monitor and evaluate financial performance of services of responsibility; Identify opportunities for review, enhancement and cost reduction.
  • Marketing: Develops, implements, and evaluates maternal and neonatal outreach marketing plan; Collect and analyze data (including physician activity, satisfaction and health care trend statistics) to assist in the development of physician outreach strategies and to provide feedback to service line on the needs and perceptions of outreach physicians and facilities. Provide data to WCS leadership monthly; Develop and implements specific outreach, relationship building and educational plans targeted to community physicians and facilities in referral areas. Implements outreach visits quarterly to all referral areas; Assist with coordination of physician activities and services such as educational meetings and other health system services; Identify, resolves, or refers physician or system specific service delivery problems and recommends methods to improve and streamline services to WCS leadership.
  • Medical Staff Relationships: Develop and maintain medical staff relationships to allow open communication, active problem solving and collaborative service relationships; Communicate with referring hospitals and /or physicians concerning all transports; Call regarding transport patients timely of admission; Letter written regarding transport upon admission, mailed /faxed; Ongoing letter weekly sent via mail /fax; Letter sent timely of delivery indicating both mother and infant status mailed/ faxed; Copy of Discharge Summary via mail or fax; Return all phone calls/emails; Phone call the day of discharge.
  • Operations: Implements and evaluates approved goals and objectives, standards of care and practice and policies and procedures; Serves as a consultant and role model for staff on practice and cross-functional issues; Establish, implement, and evaluate quality improvement plans and indicators.
  • Planning: Develop standards of practice and care, policies and procedures, in coordination with WCS Director of Nursing and managers, hospital directive, regulatory and professional standards; Assures all references for department are up to date and current annually; Utilizes appropriate annual planning to meet organizational timelines and budgeting requirements.
  • Program Development: Plan, develop, coordinate, direct and evaluate activities for areas of outreach; Responsible for continuous quality improvement and increasing maternal & neonatal transport numbers; Ensure compliance with licensing, professional standards and accrediting agencies; Implement database with monthly reports reflecting all transport activity; Ensure cross-organizational work efforts to enhance, streamline, and optimize patient care and services for all patients and hospital care delivery systems.
  • Staff Leadership: Enhances communication between leadership providing ongoing feedback; Demonstrates follow through and effective problem solving activities with staff, customers, physicians and other departments; Remains accessible to all staff on an ongoing basis and makes self-available in the department by being visible; Promotes an environment conducive to positive and collaborative working relationships. Develops and sustains teamwork and staff satisfaction in order to maintain optimal workforce; Maintains and ensures department current knowledge/expertise of national/regional trends specific to areas of responsibility; Assures all references for department are up to date and current annually; Provides consultation and/or direct patient care for perinatal patients at MDMC and/or referral area who require an integration of clinical proficiency and critical thinking. Implement mock drills monthly throughout department including nursing staff and physicians; Implements an annual educational needs survey to MDMC WCS staff; Identifies educational needs of WCS nursing staff and or other perinatal health care professionals at MDMC and or referral area; Offers monthly in-service to WCS department on applicable topic.