Jan 14, 2021

RN, Clinical Supervisor, General Medical Unit

  • Northside Hospital
  • Northside, Cincinnati, OH, USA

Job Description

The Clinical Supervisor provides direct patient care and supervises the nursing operations of a unit. In the absence of the Manager or Director may assume 24-hour nursing responsibility. Works with a unit specific patient population.

Our General Medicine units are certified by The Joint Commission in the care of patients with Pneumonia and COPD. We also offer the opportunity to work with a variety of patients, including: Sickle Cell, Chronic Pain, CHF, Behavioral Health, Renal Failure, and Diabetes. Given the variety of diagnoses, our staff acquires many skills including: management heparin and insulin drips, peritoneal dialysis, wound care, and PCA management. We offer the opportunity to become Med-Surg certified as well as Geriatric Resource Nurse certified. Northside supports and encourages your continuing education goals! If you are looking for a solid foundation in an exciting environment, General Medicine is for you!