Nov 23, 2020

Educator-Clinical Education Facilitator PRN-Nursing Education Professional Development Department

  • Vanderbilt Health
  • Nashville, TN, USA

Job Description

Current opportunity available within the Nursing Education Professional Development Department for a Clinical Education Facilitator.

This position requires a Registered Nurse with BSN. This role will support programs in Nursing Education requiring clinical skills/coaching and some small and large group presentations.

Seeking Registered Nurse with flexible schedule; good interpersonal skills; ability to collaborate; teaching experience a plus; experience working with groups of people;current clinical skills.

Hours of work per week vary based on programs needed. Listed as PRN.


  1. Title: Clinic Education Facilit PRN
  2. Job Code: 6685
  3. Job Stream Description: TBD
  4. Title: Clinic Education Facilit PRN
  5. Job Code: 6685
  6. Job Stream Description: TBD

The clinical education facilitator, PRN participates in the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of clinical orientation and educational programs that improve the delivery of high quality care by direct care providers. The clinical facilitator provides instruction related to organization-wide clinical learning and professional development initiatives utilizing current evidence based practice. The clinical facilitator utilizes various teaching strategies, information sources, and evaluation methods to promote an environment of continued learning and professional growth.

  • Demonstrates evidence based practice, critical thinking, and research utilization.
  • Supports integration of research into practice.
  • Creates an environment that promotes the development and use of critical thinking skills.
  • Assimilates current research findings from various disciplines into practice.
  • Reviews literature and shares relevant information.
  • Collects data relevant to program evaluation.
  • Incorporates adult learning principles into the processes of planning and implementing educational offerings
  • Utilizes innovative methods to optimize learning styles.
  • Manages group dynamics to maintain focus and cooperative learning.
  • Facilitates learning and socialization
  • Adjusts content and teaching strategy based on learner's knowledge, expertise, and response.
  • Presents content in an organized and consistent manner that reinforces the established objectives.
  • Promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Uses appropriate measurement methods to assess and document performance of personnel.
  • Coaches and provides feedback to improve performance.
  • Participates in curriculum design, implementation, and evaluation.
  • Collaborates in the design and implementation of learning activities to meet identified needs for orientation and professional development programs.
  • Collaborates in the assessment and evaluation of educational programs based on needs of the learner, patient, and organization.
  • Collaborates in the revision of activities based on assessment and evaluation data.
  • Includes regulatory and organizational standards in the implementation of educational programs and initiatives.
  • Incorporates strategies to meet specific needs of patient populations.
  • Facilitates a variety of educational offerings.
  • Collaborates within the department and organization.
  • Recognizes need for and seeks assistance from various experts related to program content.
  • Shares resources to achieve organizational and program goals.
  • Maintains good communication and relationships with relevant departments.
  • Demonstrates professional and ethical standards of practice.
  • Promotes and adheres to all regulatory standards and organizational policies and procedures regarding safety and confidentiality of patients, staff, and information.
  • Incorporates ethical principles and decision-making skills into discussions and practice.
  • Maintains competencies and certifications relevant to role.
  • Participates in continuing education and promotes an attitude of life-long learning.
  • Demonstrates role model behavior with honesty, integrity, knowledge, and respect while promoting the professionalism of nursing.