Feb 14, 2020

Obstetrics Surgical Technician - Certified

  • The University of Kansas Hospital
  • Kansas City, KS, USA

Job Description

The Obstetrics Surgical Technician Certified functions as an unlicensed assistant to the RN. Demonstrates collaborative interaction with health team members to meet immediate and specific patient needs including hands-on patient care and surgical support.

We currently have an opening on our Labor & Delivery unit.


As an employee, we will validate his/her competency with the following techniques:

  • Hand washing, vital signs, glucose meter, escorting patients to triage room, applying aqua-thermia pad, applying nasal cannula/oxygen mask, applying ice bag, making beds, preparing delivery rooms, performs selected clerical duties, stocking OR and patient rooms, computer skills, take specimens to lab if applicable, positioning the patient, transporting with oxygen tank, urine sample collection, scrub for procedures in OR, assist with transfer of patients, assist with discharge of patients, assist with procedures requiring sterile technique, transport babies to full term nursery.
  • Attends conferences, in service programs, and meetings as scheduled.
  • Demonstrates ability to follow directions and contributes to problem solving and conflict resolution in day to day situations. Interacts in a courteous, customer focused manner. Accepts delegation and works as a contributing team member. The RN is responsible for coordinating all care and outcomes.
  • Demonstrates ability to provide care/service safely and efficiently for each patient.
  • Demonstrates competence in the areas of critical thinking, interpersonal relationships, and technical skills at the time of hire and annually.
  • Demonstrates the psychomotor and manual dexterity needed to perform selected DON and area specific standards.
  • Participates with the unit team in implementing supportive strategies for cost containment.
  • Performs OR procedures following department standards: A) Maintenance of sepsis;B) Positioning; C) Prepping and draping; D) Needle Count; E) Instrument Count; F) Sponge Count; G) Specimen Care; H) Dressing Application
  • Prepares instruments and supplies for sterilization; cleans and decontaminates instruments; assists in cleaning/preparing OR suite for cases.
  • Provides appropriate instrumentation to surgeon during case and performs skills using appropriate techniques and equipment.
  • Provides psychological and physical comfort measures to the patient; identifies changes in condition and immediately reports to the RN/charge nurse/unit coordinator including patient safety concerns.
  • Secondary responsibilities include: A) Performs purposeful data collection; uses electronic record appropriately; B) Participates in department/hospital committee; C) Participates in new product and procedure evaluation.

**Must be able to perform the professional, clinical and/or technical competencies of the assigned unit or department.

*Note: These statements are intended to describe the essential functions of the job and are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, skills and duties may vary dependent upon your department or unit. Other duties may be assigned as required.



  • High school diploma or equivalent required
  • Certification or degree completion from Surgical Technician Program
  • Obstetrics Technicians without certification hired before January 31, 2008 are grandfathered
  • BLS Certification