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Covid-19 Updates

Two years after the COVID-19 pandemic erupted, the New Normal way of life has been adopted by most of us. People from around the globe have accepted the fact that face masks and vaccines are needed in our daily lives. Here in America, we have received data that from January 03, 2020 to July 19, 2022, there have been 88,441,460 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 1,013,960 deaths that was reported to the WHO. And as of July 07, 2022, a total of 589, 664,214 vaccines doses have been administered.

Although vaccines have been given to most of our citizens, the number of cases here in America is again on the rise. The daily case average has grown to more than 129,000 these past days, and these cases are rising from more than 40 states. And since the data we receive are not precise, it is more than likely to be higher than the data we receive. The increase of these cases are due to the BA.5 variant that is believed to be the most transmissible variant of the CORONA VIRUS as of now. Hospitalization are also rising due this new variant were more than 37,000 people hospitalized are in America on an average day which has an increase of 17 percent since the start of this month. Though there is a rise in the records of citizens being positive from the virus, the death count due to COVID is volatile at the moment. About 400 deaths are being reported each day nationwide compared to the 2,600 deaths daily during the height of the OMICRON surge.

The data received by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has shown that people who are UNVACCINATED have higher chances to die from the virus compared to those people who have received the vaccines. The data received last June 12-18 showed that there are 3 times more people infected who are UNVACCINATED compared to those who are vaccinated and there are 6 times more deaths from unvaccinated people to those who are vaccinated.

The studies have always shown us that the vaccines are really helping in fighting the virus. There are still people who still do not believe in the vaccines and still don’t want to be vaccinated. It is high time to be vaccinated rather than wait for the time when it is already too late for us and our family. Let us all help one another in fighting this virus in order for us to live our lives normally again.